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Pediatric Dentistry
in Fresno, California

At CedarNorth Dental, we emphasize quality dental care for the entire family, including your youngest family members.

Pediatric Dentistry in Fresno, California

In order to achieve a healthy smile for a lifetime, it is important to start young. CedarNorth offers a positive, fun and relaxing first visit for each child to set them up for good oral health for a lifetime. We recommend the first dental visit to start between the ages of one and two years old so that the child can become familiar with the dental environment and the parents can receive information on proper oral hygiene, nutrition and preventive care for their child’s teeth. At CedarNorth Dental, we’re focused on the importance of education and prevention in our comprehensive patient care for the entire family.

A Total Range Of Orthodontic Option Abound At CedarNorth Dental:

  • Sealants Let’s face it; kids are not always the best at brushing and flossing their teeth. Preventing cavities Sealants can be the solution to keep them from getting cavities! Sealants act as thin layers of protection that can do so much to protect your young ones’ teeth. Sealants create a barrier that settles into the natural ridges of a child’s teeth working to protect those teeth from decay and ultimately, cavities. Sealants can protect the tooth for up to ten years. Sealants have been estimated to lower the risk of decay by up to 80% in molars. The Center for Disease Control also reports that young kids have a three-time higher chance of getting a cavity without a sealant as compared those children that have had a sealant applied. Ask your CedarNorth Dental team if the pain-free and quick process of adding sealants is a good option for your son or daughter at your next dental visit.
  • Fluoride Applications Fluoride is another preventative measure that CedarNorth offers to protect your young family members’ teeth. Fluoride consists of a mineral that naturally builds strong teeth and prevents cavities. The presence of fluoride will support healthy tooth enamel and fight the bacteria that can harm young teeth and gums. Fluoride is especially important for young kids who are a higher risk of developing cavities. On your child’s next visit to CedarNorth Dental, you will likely receive a fluoride treatment which consists of an application of the form of a highly concentrated varnish. In only a few minutes, your children’s fluoride treatment provides more protection than what they might get from what’s in your water or toothpaste.
  • Fillings Even young children can get cavities that require fillings. When your youngest family members require the latest in dental techniques as well as tender loving care, CedarNorth Dental is here for you. Even though baby teeth aren’t permanent, they still occasionally require fillings if cavities are present. The CedarNorth Dental team will always work hard to preserve your child’s teeth, whether baby or permanent. In addition, we’ll work hard to ensure that your child has a positive and pleasant experience at the dentist. With amenities like blankets, pillows, flat screen TVs in patient rooms and even music as a choice to keep young minds distracted while fillings are administered. Contact CedarNorth Dental today if you need a checkup or think your child might have a cavity.
  • Crowns Tooth decay is a top issue for children, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Almost half of school-age children will experience some level of tooth decay that, in some case, require the use of pediatric crowns. There are many benefits to using crowns for young patients. Many of our patients think that baby teeth are not worth saving. But the truth is that these young teeth are thinner, making it easier for decay to spread from one tooth to another. When the decay has the potential to spread to surrounding teeth, a crown may be the solution.
  • Emergency Dentistry CedarNorth Dental is here for your pediatric dentistry needs from a routine checkup to emergency dental needs. With extended hours and a caring, experienced staff, we are here should an emergency arise with one of your youngest family members. From sports injuries to severe toothache, we can handle it all - ASAP!
  • Phase 1 Orthodontics Getting started on alignment and correction of young teeth early can make all the difference as your children’s mouth continue to develop. Your CedarNorth dentist will recommend a visit to the orthodontist, if needed, to discuss your child’s best course of action if orthodontics is in his or her future.

We Recommend Xylitol

Are you crazy about gum, but not so much about its effect on your teeth? (Good for you!) Researchers presenting at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Annual Session in Cincinnati found a natural sweetener may not only improve the taste of gum, juice and candy, it may also reduce tooth decay.

Their study observed children of Belize over the course of several years, some of whom chewed gum with sugar, others with artificial sweeteners. Results showed that those who chewed gum artificially sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sweetener found in trees and fruit that does not cause cavities, suffered from less tooth decay over the duration of the study.

Another study done in Finland found fewer mothers transmitted cavity-causing bacteria to their children when they chewed gum with xylitol. The bacteria transmission occurs when mother and children share eating utensils. Xylitol is widely available in most supermarkets, but know that it's difficult to achieve the correct dosing. To see results, you'd have to chew gum with a high dose of Xylitol frequently and for prolonged durations. Products containing this natural sweetener may also cost more than those artificially sweetened with other additives.

So, the next time you're dying for a piece of chewy goodness, consider grabbing a brand containing Xylitol. While it can be difficult to obtain optimum results through its use, it is certainly far healthier to chew than gum containing sugar.

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Becky R.
Yelp dental office review in Fresno, California
5 stars review, Dental office in Fresno, California

Becky R.

Staff is very friendly and attentive. Nice modern facility and equipment. Both dentists are well trained and offer a myriad of treatment options as well as orthodontics.
Waylon P.
Yelp dental office review in Fresno, California
5 stars review, Dental office in Fresno, California

Waylon P.

What a great experience. I have been going here for my Dentist needs for week over 7 years. I enjoy it every time. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The doctor always takes his time and explains what he is about to do. He checks in often to make sure you are comfortable and not in any pain. Thank you so much for the over the top service I always receive. Thanks again.
Sabrina M.
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5 stars review, Dental office in Fresno, California

Sabrina M.

Friendly and professional front office. Hygienists are always welcoming and listen to my requests. But the reason why I've been going for over 10 years and taking both my children since they were old enough, is for Dr. Wong and Dr. Tong. They are great people and excellent Dentists.
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Dr. Christopher Wong, dentist in Fresno, California
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