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Dental Implants

Dental implants may be Dr. Christopher Wong and Dr. Bettina Tong's cosmetic dentistry answer for you. Implants are the perfect-fit custom teeth permanently anchored into your jaw. They're so natural-looking; no one will ever notice you lost some teeth. Dental implants are only available for those with healthy and mostly in-tact oral tissues and jawbone ridges, so not all tooth loss patients may qualify, but Dr. Christopher Wong and Dr. Bettina Tong will find a cosmetic dentistry procedure for you!

Permanent replacements that feel like original teeth If you have a missing tooth or have lost teeth, you're far from alone. In fact, you're one of over 100 million North Americans with a similar problem. Some lack a single or a few teeth; others are...
Compared to previous generations when tooth loss was common, modern dentistry has made it possible for people to keep their teeth healthy and attractive for their entire lives. But for people who have experienced tooth loss, a full or partial denture has...
The art and science of implant dentistry has advanced rapidly during recent years and new techniques and materials have greatly improved our ability to replace missing tissues with functional and natural-looking artificial prostheses called dentures...
Teeth implants are a tooth replacement therapy offering natural-looking options for patients. Dental implants anchor artificial or prosthetic teeth into the jawbone. Their performance is nearly equal to natural teeth, providing a secure and comfortable...
Q. What is a dental implant? A. A dental implant is a permanent artificial tooth replacement. Q. Who should you see about getting dental implant surgery? A. When getting a dental implant, you should select a dentist or dental team with in-depth...

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